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2002-08-13-4:40 p.m.


Hi all

Well they found my hubbys phone. Thank god on that. Im waiting around for my brother (dumbass 1) to bring the car back so we can go to my mothers and get a friend to cut my sons hair. Why pay for it when u can get it free. But i do try and get her things she likes like some diet pepsi or certain chips things she usually dont get for herself.

My sister-in-law came by and she and i went to Wal-mart since BA not around to w/me any more.

BA has not called or anything so lets all pray for her, the kids, and CS that they are all ok. Of course while CS is around we know she is ok.

To finish this off, my dad came tonight and brought our friend here to cut my sons hair (looks Good)I gave her 10 dollars and case of pepsi. I hope she is happy with that. We had chicken and dumpling for dinner tonight they stayed and ate to. I always feed dad b4 he goes home. Never want him hungry :)



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